Day 9 Challenge

Adventures to raise awareness.

My calling is to be a voice for the New Story of Humanity, changing the narrative of how humans live with each other and all living things on the planet. Awe and allowing other feelings that are good to soak into my being have assisted development of gratitude and hope. I have been transported to another place but it is not a location like you may think. The process has been slowly building reaching a crescendo this last week. I can not expect many people to grasp the expansiveness of this process. Maybe it is a bit like boarding the Tardis, but it is beyond that. It is Awe. Here is a link to just one of the video clips I have watched.

My location journey is moving from the story we are living in now, a story where ‘the world is gripped in a values struggle between money and life. Global corporate power aligns with the interests of money. An expanding global people-power aligns with life. Corporate power mobilizes around a well-defined Sacred Money and Markets story …the people-power movement is far less visible and mobilizes around a wide variety of peace, justice, and sustainable initiatives …a Sacred Life and Earth Community story…’ (David Korten, 2014, A New Story for a New Economy).

So, it is to immerse myself in locations where these communities are growing, to begin to understand how I can be the change , be gifted in the new economy and live a life of location freedom because I still want to go surfing!

First step – I watched the free online film

Then I needed to know how I could connect in person with other like- minded people. I looked at and was attracted to a month long retreat at Findhorn. I visited Findhorn in the late 1980’s but only as a tourist. It will be freezing cold in November and my timing will be better to wait until May next year when a similar event might be happening.

I need to do a lot of research to work out a route for my surfing journey on the way to Findhorn. To start I will surf in Indonesia.

My memory of Scotland in May is long days with the sun setting late. My newly wed husband and I stayed in simple bed and breakfasts and for two nights a lordly mansion with a kindly butler. The bathroom overlooking the glen was larger then my current flat and the gardens were full of purple hydrangeas and the orchards were full of oranges. We hiked into the highlands before an awesome mid-morning breakfast of freshly squeezed orange juice, and Scottish porridge followed by salmon and eggs.

At the retreat I will journal each day accumulating a wealth of blogging material to share with my readers as time and my desire to access electronic media presents. But most of the work will be my inner work. I will become the person I want to, and I will be location free.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

This blog is the result of sleeping on it overnight. If you want to see my early version which is like the background read on.

A couple of years ago when I first started thinking about a Freedom Lifestyle I thought living between Australia and Bali would work well. If I just used the 1 month entry visa I could head to somewhere else in Asia and re-enter or go back to Australia to see family. The Stand up Paddle is a bit of a pain to travel with – 8’5” and as that has been my focus I have kept things fairly simple. I can leave a board in Bali and one in Perth.

I have thought of being more adventurous and travelling to other more remote islands, maybe on a yacht but would rather have a friend to join me in that.

I have spent a fair bit of time living in buses, camper vans and tents and Australia is a pretty easy place to do that. That’s if you don’t mind flies and a range of things that creep and bite!

Then there is travelling for a cause. I could do something adventurous to raise awareness for the New Story for Humanity. I could map out a trip of places to visit like Findhorn (haven’t been there since 1989). There are many Transitioning communities where weeders are welcome to help with their organic fields.

A lady I met surfing in Balian Bali replied to an email : I went sea kayaking to Finland with Bruno this summer for a month.  We were moving on like nomads sleeping outside just with a Mosquito net and a sleeping bag, cooking either on fire or with a gas stove moving slowly through the ocean water from island to island. Amazingly simple and very peaceful. We had one month of sunshine with just one night and two days of rain within a month. A Scandinavian dream!

I had never thought of that, or the Aurora light show, but that can take quite a bit of planning to get right. I will sleep on it.

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