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Your power lies in our connectedness - mwe (me and we)

Many ancient stories that revealed our life purpose and connection to the universe are being validated by quantum science.
Find out how you can tap into vitality, heal your suffering and save the planet.


I started my natural therapy business in the mid 1980’s – “Merrilee’s Wholistic Approach’ continuing to also work in community nursing roles. You can read more about my work journey in ‘About’.
Thirty years on my mission to help people access integrative health has, by the evidence of global crises, widened to compassion and action to help our planet.
I love, and have taken for my own, Pachamama Alliances aim: work towards an enviromentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence on the planet. We can do this by changing the stories. Examining the old stories of separation and domination that are full of unexamined assumptions , we are then able to discern the cultural stories that perpetuate inequity and concentrate power and privilege. We can chose to live from and share stories that create the paradigm for a just and sustainable world. (Paraphrased from the Game Changer Intensive, Pachamama Alliance).
Neuroscience, quantum physics, yoga and Buddhist philosophy have demonstrated that we are connected. So as we heal ourselves we can, as a collective take action to heal others, wildlife and plants.

Does this resonate with you? Come, join us on this exciting journey. (Please go to Contact Page until I can install an Email button here)

Check out this great Trailer, a gift from the Findhorn Foundation “An Enquiry into A New Story for Humanity Change the Story, Change the World”.  (Click Change the Story to be taken to Vimeo)

Do you need more information…read on.

To make it easier to find stories to help us get to know each other I have created three pages. Maybe you can picture them as three parts of me, or mwe.
Climate change is a huge topic – my focus is the ocean; having fun in it, being mindful in and of it and caring for it.
The Great Transition and changing the stories about how we live our lives provides reflections on the work I am researching now. Then, when you are ready I welcome you to join us to Awaken the Dreamer and live a more fulfilling life.

This section will also become a place to learn about reducing suffering from pain and fatigue. I will use my super mindsight powers as your coach and mentor.

Living your passion starts with a 10 day challenge where I will be writing blogs reflecting on my reasons for doing this. Reflecting on the questions may be a great place to start even if you don’t intend writing Blogs. #10DBC #freedomplan

To see a video of Manta rays struggling to feed amongst plastic pollution please go to the Ocean Blues page. Please consider your use and disposal of plastic.