About me

What would you like to know about me and my site? My first aim is to raise awareness that we can change the narrative of Climate Change. I love the new story (added to ancient knowledge) of a Living Universe. Every picture tells a story.


My posts including the 10 Day challenge will reveal a bit but if you want to know my qualifications please see an excerpt from my LinkedIn site.

The title Life Coach, conjures different images for people.
Similarly ‘counsellor’ can be a person whose skills are based in varying epistemologies.
A child health nurse may be a clinical or community based role.
I am skilled in all of these areas offering an open minded approach that suits the environment and culture of clients.

My career started in my 20’s when I was a School Health Nurse. I introduced a Parenting course for students 14 and 15 years of age and co-presented ‘puberty’ classes with an emphasis on emotional wellbeing. Individual coaching on healthy lifestyles including nutrition and fitness as well as small group workshops predominated over the next 20 years.

As a self employed natural therapist with a wide-angle wholistic lens view I immersed myself in many enlightening experiences. I came to realise that truth and reality are dependant on each person’s experiences and world view. To effectively coach others I listen deeply to determine the client’s reality and what they want to achieve. Over the last 10 years I have worked predominantly with Indigenous Australians. I believe in two way learning and working in collaboration respecting each others world views.

Traditional philosophies of health and living intricately weave family, ancestors, spirituality, land or belonging and law. In the social sciences new understandings such as Post -structuralist or Social constructionist have provided me with hope for a more just world. More recently I have immersed myself in the practice of mindfulness based on the growing evidence base of successful application of mindfulness to relieve suffering from many ailments.

How we sustain ourselves and the world we live in are important issues for me. I am interested in work that is ethical and just, where the organisation values human rights and justice.