From Body Blues to Vitality

We are entering an age of transition; a transition from individualism (separation from others), materialism (domination and over consumption) and power and privilege for a few which is at the heart of the environmental devastation and social injustice that plagues our world. Some believe people will look back and call this time the Great Transition. By examining our suffering and joining a new collective story: one of connection, compassion and relatedness our bodies can also heal. Sure, there are lots of ways to balance our bodies including diet, supplements and exercise and I have expertise in these, but if you are here I assume you have explored many modalities.

Knowledge of inner powers based in traditional wisdom and validated by neuroscience and quantum physics can change our lives. This wisdom has changed my relationship with ‘body blues’, commonly called Fibromyalgia. I have developed ‘mindsight’ super powers and can help you transform your life.

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