Living Your Passion

As an expert in mystery symptoms (unidentifiable medical cause or idiopathic symptoms) I help people who are suffering pain, discomfort and fatigue to have more vitality, happiness and wellbeing. What I am really passionate about is seeing people harness their power to reduce suffering.

I am most true to myself when I am surfing (Stand up Paddle surfing now), being mindful and present in every day activities. This helps me ‘get in the flow’. I am experiencing happiness living in the new stories I am writing for my life.

Finding your life purpose and living your passion creates a lot of space for healing.

Reflecting on questions, many of which can be found in programs on the net, and then journalling your answers is an important process. After much soul searching I decided I really did want to start an online business. I came across Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur and read her book. My informational technological knowledge is adequate for day to day life but I have many new skills to learn to compete in this electronic age. I set a goal to start this website in November 2016, after I had completed the Pachamama Alliance 7 week Game Changer Intensive course. But Natalie sent me an email challenge a week ago: a 10 day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge. I took it on and here I am 2 months early!

Follow my posts and take what is relevant for yourself. I will be writing much more.

And after we get to know each other if you want a bit of coaching I will be here as your life coach to guide you on this journey. And if you want to learn how to ride a SUP (stand up paddle board) drop me a line. It is awesome fun.