Day 8 Challenge

Adventures for everyone – Nightcliff Beach to Cassuarina Coastal Reserve.

Household chores done I decided to go for my usual afternoon walk to the beach, albeit a bit earlier being Saturday. Then I changed my mind and grabbed my bike. I usually tow my SUP board behind the bike to go paddling but hadn’t been doing longer rides since I hurt my knees. But I knew the high tide would not leave much beach to walk on and thought I would ride across the river to the wider expanse of beach.

img_0829  img_1501






Once there, I walked feeling the warm tropical breeze against my skin and hair and watched the kite surfer flying through the air. He landed, kite crumbling into the sea. By the time I reached the cliff close to where he was he was still water bound. Not a great sensation I imagine with possibility of crocs around. I watched and he seemed to be in control deciding to do a self-rescue and swim his sail to shore so I returned to being present with the universe, connected to the ocean; smelling and tasting the salt air. I walked back along the beach letting the salt water wash over my feet.

Curiosity about todays blog challenge made resisting checking my emails on my phone out of the question. (It was the time Natalie had been sending them the last few days.) “Go on an adventure, something you have wanted to do for a long time…”. The will I won’t I conversation started in my head. There wasn’t a lot of sunlight hours left, I didn’t have my bike light, and my knees still hurt versus nothing urgent was awaiting me, so just do it. I unlocked my bike and thought I could try to take a selfie ,which I don’t like to do. Also I don’t like to ask for help, and never ask someone to take a photo of me, but Natalie had asked for one so I plucked up the courage and asked the lady who had ridden up and started to lock her bike.

Spontaneous adventure fun.


I planned to ride to the top of the cliffs and maybe to the surf club but as I was riding I remembered the mangrove forest I hadn’t ridden through for over a year. I would be cutting it fine with the sunlight, but here goes.

Along the way I spotted a new Dugong statue yet to be unveiled. img_1511

Winding done the bike path to the final car park, I crossed to the road and headed for the Reserve. It felt great to peddle fast, breeze in my face. The trees formed a shady canopy. This place is great to cycle through even in our heat! I love the bush tracks best of all not that I am experienced with mountain bike or cross -country. I remember falling off and really smashing up the bike when I was doing a down hill cycle trip in Nepal fifteen years ago. I love to go as fast as I can being alert for obstacles like sticks and people.

I get to the raised walk-way that weaves through the mangroves but there is no water. It rained last night and the ground is muddy but we are only just heading into the ‘wet’. There should be some salt water here later tonight when the tide is 7 metres high. Getting my iPhone out set to video I hold it in my right hand near the handle bar and head off cautiously! If I did this regularly I would need a GoPro.

I returned to the road and headed for the café at the surf club. A black car decorated for a wedding pulled out. The Surf Club caters for weddings so that meant that the café was shut. Wedding guests mingled on the lawn whilst children and dogs played on the beach.

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Off again towards the cycle/walk bridge across Rapid Creek.

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Now I was getting closer to one of Darwin’s most popular spots. Shady lawn nudging the beach, dual purpose paths and pop-up restaurants make this a family spot.

img_1533  img_1535

The car park closest to where I live hosts a gas-fired pizza oven. The chef calls out “77 Pizza”, “56 Pasta” and the children play. I ride slowly to shoot some video, then cut back over the grass. Sorry it is a bit bumpy. Do you like riding over grass?


Enjoying adventures, big and small, always bring so much joy. I make sure I take the feelings in; it takes any negativity away.

Thank you mother earth .

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8


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