Day 10 Challenge

Congratulations to me! Many thanks to Natalie.

One of the most amazing things I have learnt about myself doing this is that taking a challenge gives me the purpose to do something. I had read books and downloaded mini courses, had a coaching session but none of these things had got me to the point of starting. I found the same doing the 30-day Mindfulness Summit. I set myself a goal to listen/watch the video and practice mindfulness each day. After that I set a year-long goal. I think it is more than just making the activity a habit.

Before Natalie’s email notified me of the Blog Challenge I had decided I wouldn’t be ready to set up a web page/blog for another few months. The synchronization of two events; the Game Changer Intensive and the Freedom Blog Challenge just called out to me to Begin It Now/Just Do It! That is definitely one big, huge take away.

The process of reflecting on the particular tasks was not new to me but setting up the blog, reading about widgets, inserting #tags and posting to Instagram followed by posting what I had written to a public space were very new to me.

I loved the way Natalie subtly offered another challenge like posting to Facebook, then Instagram so I was able to add to my skills each day. I felt great reward from personal achievement. I felt like I was in the flow. Nothing seemed too hard. Sure it took a bit of working out but my state of mind was calm.

Finding not only my passion but also a calling to write about, to infuse into the challenge questions brought out the creativity in me. I would write down some points in my notebook, leave it for a while then come back and just type. I didn’t worry too much if I couldn’t recall a quote. What a relief to not be writing a Thesis! I like what I have written, not sure if anyone else follows my haphazard thoughts, changes in tense, past present and future – paragraph to paragraph. I loved the freedom to write like the authentic me.

As to which day I enjoyed the most it is hard to say. I think by Day 3 I was in the flow, and loved writing the story. Writing brought back memories of writing poetry, more right side of the brain writing. I loved expressing the sensory aspects of being there, tasting the salt air. Day 8 was similar.
Many of the other days e.g. Day 6 and 7 I decided to take a slightly oblique look at the question, again I was being authentic to myself. My personal challenge was to write with the intention to reach out to someone, to light at least a small spark of curiosity in what I was writing about. Deep down, I thought if Natalie did actually read any thing I wrote it might resonate with her meditation practice and offer new challenges for her. My imagination ran wild here, visualizing Suitcase Entrepreneur metamorphosing into an evolutionary activist, a Humane Becoming.

Looking forward I have the goals I set in Day 5 and I am passionate about the first part, which I am sure is the easy part, writing. Reaching people is another step and although I trust the Universe (well she called me to do this work!) I am not going to wait around. How to make money has become muddier and clearer. Again it depends on trust that the gifting economy rises out of hazy edges and provides an alternative to the Sacred Money and Markets story. I was thinking Landing pages, Funnels and outsourcing for copy write would be my next steps but this challenge has shown me that serendipity with courage to just have a go can get me there.

Along with rewards to pull us towards a dream most of us are also motivated by pain or distaste and want to move away from something. Although I love the work I do here in a remote community (it has been one thing that brought me back to working for a wage) the Challenge has helped me think more laterally with this and today being assigned one of the ‘donga’ rooms has me again thinking ‘what am I doing here’. In Australia what we refer to as a donga is a prefabricated building traditionally used at mining sites. As you can see this room has a bed, a small window, an air conditioner (old and noisy)but no fan, small fridge and table.I am lucky I have a table this time. Bathroom and kitchen are shared.This is definitely not an island paradise location!


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

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