Day 6 Challenge

..I kept hearing of the innate need for connection, actual close communion, with people. I was acutely aware I lacked close friends and had no mentors. The walls so many people are building around themselves; the separation into us and them is escalating hatred and violence. … More Day 6 Challenge

Day 5 Challenge

Merrilee’s Highly Successful Habits As you can see this blog site was only created a week ago, but in reality nothing happens overnight. Starting with a desire for location freedom, bringing clarity to my calling and passion, I have worked consistently over the last year towards the place where I sit tonight creating an updated … More Day 5 Challenge

Day 4 Challenge

Healing Super Powers. Where would the heroine be without her super powers? Remember the Heroes journey. In the modern Hero story super human, supernatural and paranormal traits are always needed to solve the problem our hero (oine) sets off on her adventure to solve. Think Super Woman, but the true Hero story is a journey … More Day 4 Challenge

Day 3 Challenge

The Power of One in a Perfect Day. I wake to the sound of waves crashing on the distant reef, birds calling to greet the sun as it reflects subtle pinks across the sky to the east. I could sit up and see the ocean but I lay in bed, quietly connecting with my breath. … More Day 3 Challenge

Ocean Blues

Swimming with manta Rays in Nusa Penida, Indonesia is an awesome experience. I make sure I go with a boat guide who is ecologically aware and makes sure the people he brings don’t touch the mantas or coral. The Blues: However, like all good things, more and more people visit, many chasing after the Mantas … More Ocean Blues

Living your Passion

Get clear on what is your passion and ‘take in the good’ every day. Reflecting and then journalling answers to key questions mean you become the author of your new life. Join me as I take the 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge (10DBC, for short) offered by Natalie Sisson (Suitcase Entrepreneur).#10DBC #freedomplan … More Living your Passion